Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Monstrous Manual Project 002

The next installment of this nostalgic project was a little harder to pick than the first. I decided that there was no way I could continue going in alphabetical order, or any organized order, for that matter. But that posed the problem of an over abundance of really inspiring options. In the end, I decided to pick creatures based on what would be good for my portfolio. So instead of painting nymphs, dryads, or other humanoid creatures, I chose:


Pronounced why-vern, this two legged cousin of the dragon is a terrible airborne predator. They swoop down on their prey, attempting to sink their talons into it and lift it up into the air, where they bite and use a deadly, poisonous stinger on the end of their tails. Around forty feet from nose to tail, propelled by a fifty foot wingspan, these things can fly carrying two man sized creatures at once, and could even prey on larger fare.


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Woah, nice detail in the face and on that chest bone! Wouldn't want to meet this in a dark alley.

Right now the colors are all kind fleshy, maybe you could add in some cools in the background or bounce light?

Umbralust said...

Thanks Coop! You know, lately I've been trying to implement the entire spectrum into every piece, trying to repeat to myself over and over that any object can be every color. But with this piece, I was so focused on making it look hot, violent, and fierce, that I didn't plan out any cool lights to offset the warm.

I tried putting some purples and yellows in here and there, to function as my cool colors, but I think they get swallowed up by the pieces overall warmth. As I get more comfortable with arranging my values I will definitely be spending more time planning out my color schemes.

Thanks again for the input!