Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bigass Sketch Dump

Daily sketches posted on Instagram (


Monday, July 21, 2014

Bridge Between Us: Varnish

Varnishing my pieces for the show at Gallery 11:11 on 7/26 "A Bridge Between Us". I'm very excited about showcasing the beginning of a new series!

Friday, March 21, 2014


The needle was empty and Echo was reelin'. Jus' watchin' the shadows stretch cross the ceilin'. The lights had turned to winding worms and the sound of every pin dropped or key turned was carried up to Echo's loft, and the worst of it was the words. They slid and rolled and swelled and rushed from screaming anger to hush-hush and swept up in the voices her attention span was blurred. And just when it began to be so much that she could hardly stand the screams her mind escaped by fleeing to the forgetfulness of dreams.

She sees a woman running. It could be her, but she's not sure. There's a monster in the darkness. But it's so big she can't see all of it at once, only pieces of a claw, a scale, an eye. A light in the sky, she wants it to point towards the beast, but it shines in all the wrong places. There's a gun attached to a man attached to a smile with too many teeth. A flash, a crack, a sharp, deep pain.

Echo's eyes shot open while her hands tried to close around the pain in her chest, but they couldn't reach that deep. The sound was still pounding, and she felt herself drowning, but she wouldn't abide by dyin' without making a peep. She lifted her horn and sucked her final breath in deep, then blew one final lullaby before the big sleep. If her heart's givin' out, she's got nothin' to lose, 'cept an empty needle, her horn, and the blues.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Dangerous" Donny Payne

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mutant Fighting League. I'm standing here with "Dangerous" Donny Payne, a mutant, a man, a challenger, poised to--

LUCKY CHEN!! YOU HAVE SQUIRMED AWAY FROM ME FOR THE LAST TIME!! You can run, that's right. You can HIDE, mmm hmm, okay. BUT I WILL FLIP UP YOUR MOMMA'S SKIRT AND FIND YOU!! I will be all over you like a bad rash! THIS is aMERica, Lucky Chen. I WILL SHOW YOU THE POWER!! EAGLE SOAR!! A choke slam for every stripe, power bomb for every star on old glory! One hundred percent. When we meet in the ring tomorrow night at Muti-Mania, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IT IS TO RIDE INTO THE DANGER ZONE!! YOU HAVE A ONE WAY TICKET ON THE PAYNE TRAIN!! Destination: DOWN. One hundred percent. RED LINE OVERDRIVE!! Lemme tell ya, Joe, when "Dangerous" Donny Payne steps into the ring Lucky Chen will finally realize how unfortunate he is, mmm hmmm. One hundred percent. He will FINALLY REALIZE that his life is in serious danger. He will FINALLY REALIZE that the INTERCONTINENTAL SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT MUTANT FIGHTING LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO DANGEROUS, one hundred percent, DONNY, and if yer watchin' at home and you know who's the real champ say it with me now, PAYNE!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cannibal Flower

Cannibal Flower is coming up again: